The right swipe

One fine day, love calls you to meet in the realm of reality under the starlit sky. Sounds interesting, right?


Right & left swipes; finally you match the vibe where hearts meet & greet but does that mean virtual love will outlive in the reign of reality? Well, in their case it seems to be…

Meet Kabir & Ayisha, who got an intrusive match online & broke the ice!

An inquisitive man with his checks & sailor pants on, waiting for a perfect moment in fidelity. His fingers whirling around the tip of glass as if drinks were assimilated into the moment.

The door opened and entered a beautiful girl with reticent smile, he stood up in clumsiest chivalry and asked her to have a seat. Both of them sat there in a peculiar silence and taciturn.

“Hello, i hope you didn’t face any trouble in finding the location” said kabir while still being monotonous. ” Hi, it wasn’t a problem at all” replied the girl. It was a beautiful evening with perfect aura & charisma.


There came a waiter to ask for the order. Further, they went on with their conversation, ” So, what brings you here?” asked kabir. “Maybe the experience and you” said Sara with a gazing smile. The man happily blushed passing on the gaze and chuckled.

She went on, “What is love for you?” Kabir was astonished but curious, he replied, “Well, for me when that breeze of most exquisite shower touches your face after those harsh summers is maybe what it feels like to be in love.” Sara looked quite impressed and euphoric. Kabir re-asks the question.

Sara in uncertainty replies, “Maybe it’s the comfort that you share with your loved one.” Kabir was certain of her uncertainty. They laughed around silly things, long stories, heart melting conversations and he was about to ask something unsual but the cell pings with a text. “Nice to talk to you but i’ll take a leave now ” requested Sara in hustle.


Both of them confessed their ardour with tender eyes that gazed upon each other, very last time. “Hope to see you soon” said kabir. Sara smiled in her solicitude & left. Kabir felt like this evening was a little different than it used to be whereas Sara on the way back to her place was amazed to have love hugged her for the first time.


Both anticipated their next meet & left the table. It was a sacred moment just the fresh flowers on the table accompanied by rose petals wet with droplets unlike the very first shower in july; along side was the sprinkled aroma of first met love.


Wait.. what’s that, a text on cell which pings all of a sudden but this time it was different. It was Kabir’s cell that pops two texts which says, “I think you were right about the breeze of first shower that comforts you!” said Sara. Kabir smiles in vein & blushed when encountered the second text. The other one was a location, not just a location; where love was to meet again in the arms of sky. This time forever !

Author : Bhumika Saxena

Description : This was a portrayal of modern love that is distinct in it’s own ways but true to the heart. When virtuality collides with reality alike a gifted virtue.

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