‘Wander to Wonder’

Platform of life provides many chances to leap into the beauty and existence of our inert nature. Espy the virtual world and it takes you to the infinite realities of sublime.

We search the limitless within the boundaries of our perceptions.


Wandering for truth will create wonders!

Victorious ships in the ocean of thunder and storm are the rarest possiblity in todays world of no innocence or warmth.

Adventures of wonderland were the fables of nonage; these have formed the basis of new ideologies that proves to be a burden of thy-life.

Hassle all around the atmosphere brings the unsolved riddle to your heart but those hymns deliver soulful remedies to the burn marks of blaze. Chase the unstoppable; discover those moments rescued from the mirage.

Playing the outrage are the owners of cage; mysticism longs for the sculptors of sage.
Wander in the enclaves of dare but wonder in cryptic worthy phase.


Enchanting are the aspirations of greater heights to rule the world from distinct sight.

Wander to Wonder

– Bhumika Saxena

[Description: Life holds bundles of joy and mysticism in it and to unfold them you wander and finally wonder about the existential beauty or truth. Unseen reality is beyond the fictitious story]

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