Emulsified beauty

The ocean of love flows through every heart destined to the finest soul of creation. Love emulsifies into beauty of initial blossoming.

You care, share and uplift the channel of thy spirit that is wandering onto the global illusions to hack the non-existant ‘win’.


Playing the cards of love,it shattered around to confuse the mirror images. Pictorial presentation of almighty brings solace to heavenly and appealing to the earthy.

Breaking the rules of unknown perception thereafter connecting the wires of omnipotent to thy heart is the luckiest charm.
Ruling rollers creates the virtual habitat of ‘innocent jugglers’.


In the realm of reality, the kingdom is thy and belongs to almighty where the world emerges and drops back into the ocean of emusifying beauty…


Description : Getting merge with the infinity is the best piece of art through play. This writing depicts the love for divinity; the grace & beauty being in abundance.


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