Have you ever explored the secrets of motherhood?

The charm of divine with glitzy & captivating eyes; blown away with a smile of her child. Holding in her arms the immortal universe; close to her heart with a sense of tenderness.

Warmth of her love is enchanting; benevolence of walking miracle.

But, have you ever wondered about what is motherhood? Let us explore!

Often, we tend to limit this word ‘mother’ to biological terminology.


Motherhood is the hidden treasure of altruism shared by the bounteous effigy. A sky that’s vast; depicts alluring shades that captivates core of our heart.

A gift for divine who loves to admire those sparkling gaze. It is divine intrigue who loves to care & devote with ardour; compassion disguised as solicitude wearing the most elegant attire of a magician to trick you with wonder!

One dawn, love comes to wrap you within warmth of it’s sacred love in those frozen & snowy winters would be an explicit act of motherhood.


When fun tickles you to whip up that laughter in the shady clouds. This is a sign of true mother who knows how to gently kindle a life in human.

Motherhood is another term for ‘humanity’ that flourishes with the flow of time. Mother is not only a person or a lady who gives birth to micro life but it’s an emotion; a feeling or characteristic that nurtures the humility, it’s your innate nature.

Ofcourse, our mothers are irreplaceable & unsusceptible but expansion is the nature of this universe.

It’s unjust to restrain motherhood with a word & debarring it to thrive by destorting the barricades of gender or tribe.

Motherhood is beyond gender. It’s your innate nature & emotion.

Bhumika Saxena

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