The mirror of life reflects an undying alluring smile that fades away as time flies with it’s wings high. But, the beauty of your love is eternal unlike the rays that define the luminous & powerful Sun.

Women are the most soulful Art & epitome of love and beauty. I hope that mellow smile at your reflection is the sign of pride. Those blemishes, scars & wrinkles are inexplicable to the mediocrity. In the realm of hitches, you manage to spread those positive vibes into the aura.

You are sacred & pure in your imperfections. Shining amongst the haze is your courageous attitude that defines you for who you are. Remarkable but unacknowledged are the moments of sacrifice that are often taken for granted.

A woman is upgraded version of human being who knows humility, integrity & value of  emotions. The strongest pillar of our society standing at the border of uncertainties that surrounds their loved ones. You’re a woman who lived life on her own terms; a mother who accepted the agony & oblates her dreams to build a kingdom of their beloved and cherish these moments forever.

Soon, you will turn up in your eighties & nineties, where beauty as a concept changes for you. But, you know how child-like you are on the inside & that spark is hidden somewhere in the corner of your heart. Nobody compliments you for how cheery and graceful you might be all your life while still being so perfect. 

Mellow in six teens,

Strong in your twenties;

Objectified & stumbled with judgements but none was your identity,

Crowned as queen of your kingdom,

Frowned as the sidelined worker;

But, all you did is inspire each day with more determined & joyous attributes.

I want to tell you be proud of your imperfections, you are beautiful irrespective of  your size, colour, extreme choices and  wrinkles. Spill the makeup on that red carpet, walk like a model on the ramp of  your self-made life. Flaunt your mascara & turn your beauty into passion.

You’ve not become wrinkled but a woman with ravishing eyes who holds experience of million dollars.

Dear woman…

Stay ‘BeYOUtiful’


You are worth it !

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