“I love my country with all my heart and aware about my rights. Therefore, there is no need to show off about the patriotism…” says a common Indian man.

Bharat is a diversity that comprises of it’s people from various traditional beliefs, morals and values, existing on the same plane since a billion of years. Strange? Let’s elaborate on this a little…

Bharat Maa – our native place which is personified as mother goddess; she has nourished us & loved us with every unit of her existence. We were born on the arm of the mother earth which is termed as ‘Bharat’ i.e; whole beautified creation is Bharat Maa.

Have you ever thought about the kind of respect we’ve given to her? To begin with deforestation, pollution, global warming etc. Mothers do not owe all this deterioration, right?

Let us look into this scenario !

The Indian National flag comprises of three heavenly colours : deep saffron (kesari), white(Safed), Green(Hara) and an Ashoka Chakra located in the center of the flag. The deep saffron( kesari) represents the ultimate sacrifices of pure souls who fought for our sovereignty, freedom and shed their blood on the soil of their ‘Matra Bhumi’ (Mother earth).

Even today, the son of this land stands on the border line bearing with those minus degree cloudbursts & snow to protect us and ensure our safety. It is given the first place in our national flag as a token of inexplicable respect to those who escorted.

Now, white(Safed) symbolises peace and fraternity with an oath to love & support each other accompanied by the Ashoka Chakra; a 24 spoke wheel, in navy blue at the center that represents ‘dharma'(duty) towards the country and standing for the truth and justice. Finally, comes the Green ( Hara) that represents prosperity and growth of our nation. 

Haven’t we considered it as a trivial matter ? Can’t we even stand for 52 seconds ?

When it comes to adapting worst of the things containing greed, jealousy, hatred etc.,we are ready to join in numerous strikes or criticizing our civilization. But, when it comes to adapt or portray good things, especially the glory of our own motherland then we step back saying that it’s a show off.

 Our country is beyond just geographical boundaries, civilization or social structure. It’s more about the people of the country. Can you build a family without emotions?

Standing for those 52 seconds of your life is a gesture of love, gratitude and respect towards those martyrs who shed their blood on the soul of our nation, who paid for our freedom, a promise to our soil that we will stand with peace and dharma for our rest of the lives, an oath to progress as a country and make it a comfortable home for yourself as well as others. 

Because…we stand for ‘Satya’ ( truth)

We stand for unity & fraternity

We stand for our rights

We stand to attain power i.e; via elections

We stand on the border for salvation of this civilization

We stand for patriotism & pride

Ofcourse, it’s a matter of individual choices, emotional decision but i wonder how can we miss to understand the true meaning of our heritage ! 

Our freedom fighters have contributed for this Bharat and have aimed a peaceful and successful Bharat for upcoming generations. Even ladies stood like a shield to protect from the invaders, no other country has women so powerful & courageous. We stand to salute them !

We have always stood together firmly for unity and liberation. This change will only happen when flags on Independence day would be high in the sky instead of lying on our streets. It’s us who should realise the value of our culture and respect it for we are a product of it. 

It’s well said, “Hum honge kamyab, ek din…”

Vande Matram !

One individual may die for an idea, but That idea, after his death, incarnates itself into a thousand lives.

– Subhash chandra bose 

I hope this piece will make a difference in our life. 

Thank you

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