Into the dusky shade moves the loner with those worn-out cleats leaving his prints on the fine layer of clay. After struggling with hustle and bustle of the city lights, everything just whirls into the twilight; it was beauty dissolving in nature and he finds ‘Sølace’.

He sat on the roadside bench to follow the motion of calming breeze.

Now, comes the captivating moment as soon as he looks straight; he finds an alluring personality walking towards him and sat beside. She had fine black locks with a curl at every layer; ravishing blue-eyes that were irresistible for him not to find solace in them.

“Mr. Stranger… ” she smiles. This was similar to blossoming of a flower that turns red in fresh spring evening.

“Yes, indeed. You’re a delightful beholder” he continues.

They both looked into the ravishing eyes of each other wanting to hold-back the moment forever. He felt like a traveller reached his dream destination.

Without any further pause she replied ” Well,thankyou! But you resemble the sailor who blindly follows the ocean and refuses to confront his own waves,isn’t it?”.

The spark in her eyes was mesmerising and he submerged in depth. The breeze enhance the way her locks blow; she was occupied in getting them off her charming face everytime and shinning with the upward curve on her lips.

” Life is like the transient waves of ocean. Sailing the ship is important instead of getting it into your desired direction. Fate anyways gives it’s own direction” he mystically replied.

“You’re cryptic yet sober. Maybe we can be good friends in this journey of life” she suggested. He nodded and initiated the talk on a long walk.

They walked in silence absorbing the awkward bond, certainly Mr. Loner was in love. She could listen to his unsaid words of love but they just kept on initiating steps down the lane.

Suddenly, the town clock struck it’s own time and she was in a hurry to leave the untold company.

“Hey, I need to leave this moment. Nice talking to you… Mr. Stranger,see you soon!” she said in her sweet voice.

“Ok, sure!” he agreed unwillingly.

She almost left the aura; smile on her face and blushing…a voice shouts,” Wait, what’s your name? ” Mr. Loner came running.

The lady didn’t got the chance to utter and went with her sibling in the car. He stood there in vein but was salvated by the moment.She drove into the car and peeped out of the window looking at him with the same intensity and waved. He smiled to himself and waved her back.

Who knows they met after or not, but capturing these moments in his heart, finding solace within this dusky phase was to be continued.

He never saw her again in that warm place . But he dreams to see her someday and find sølace in that beautiful smile…

Author: Bhumika Saxena

Description: ‘Sølace’ is a depiction of life as transient and beautiful moments that sometimes takes us into fantasy and world looks different. This is a short love story that finds SØLACE, merging into each other.


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