♠ BLUFF ↪ Realm of Reality ♠

Wavering curve on thy face is implication of unfathomable ways that trick the real…

Often, we judge a book by it’s cover without even willing to know about it’s true worthy beauty hankering on to devastate the portrait. In this world, where the jugglers of false tricks manipulate people.

We’ve confused the reality (truth) with the existing scenarios that forms bogus belief system of our society without even contemplating on them.

Bluff is the new trend where everyone has the ace of spades to conquer the toneless game. Face-on-face has covered the reality of several falsifiers. ‘ Know the show ‘ is the existing technique to trick your own-self and getting into vicious cycle of traps.

Few are the saviour of deity in the unknown era of unknown truth. Life would have been beautiful if there was less of pretention. We have lost the uniqueness and individuality of our culture, traditions and our own self. Being perfect in your imperfection is an art yet to be discovered.

Restricting our own perception to unwanted concepts of virtual reality seems to be useless now. Live every single fancy of this world spreading your own fragrance.

Spark in you is the ultimate reality that needs to be shared, nurtured and not to be regretted. The most required basic notions are Integrity and Love. Quenching thirst of love is possible through the honest exchanges within frames.

Be uniquely yourself and let the earthy beauty invoke.

…bluff the phoney ♠

Author : Bhumika Saxena

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