Breeze – Swirl the serenity…

Beauty is the essence of this nature that soothes the chaos and vibrant waves of love quickly scatter into air. Something that touches your transient moment consistently where you merge into the source is…

Breeze… touches the soul of shattered wounds healing them into the depth of their being. This carrier of love creates life in lively graves. It gently moves around accord it’s company to dancing trees like that of alluring couple in the heavenly ballroom of perfect town.

Spreading fragrance is the lord of wings giving rise to the playful swings accross the land. Stills in every moment of fanatic vibe carving the world into domicile tribe.

Magic is the logic of nature that resides into heart of all creatures. Terrible storm of breeze communicates the anger and pain for all its favour went in vein? Hunting the soul of nature we run into cascades of deeper shades that makes us hollow and colours of life fades!

She takes you in her fulfilling arms in graceful ways giving you the love that is genuinely never going to fade because she happily nurtured you inspite of blunders that we made…

Staying in the cages of self-made egos we have lost the moments of nourishing. Enchanting are the ways in which it blows from the point of infinity to the source. Feel the moments of love, care and captivating beauty of nature where it starts a conversation at the moment when we were born waiting for us to respond into mystic ways of our own captivating world.

Save moments for you and let this breeze of love and happiness blow throughout your life , we have a lot of gifts to unwrap just shook the dust-off from the vintage box of heart and let love happen… Let the magic happen… Let the breeze blow through tangled hairs !

Yours uniquelyÿ,

~ Bhumika

This was small piece of love from my side to all of you. I hope it gave you a smile 🙂


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