We are in the era of calamitous ignorance and lack of virtues. This world is now divided into so many categories that faternity and kinship have fallen apart. Human is slave of its passion and superstitious beliefs.

Every individual nation is further divided into fragments of uneccesary beliefs forced by the law and religion acting as a road-block for us to be a better world today. Apart from things , we also use people to satisfy our needs and ego.

Pity such a nation that wears cloth but not of its weave ; a nation that drinks beverages and eat food but not of its factories .

A nation where people are hypocrats and liars ; a nation is pitiable whose politicians are false and whose philosophers are the jugglers and mimics others .

A nation whose people do not respect their own culture , values and traditions but wants to imitate others ; a nation is pitiable where we all are divided into fragments and each fragment demanding for its freedom and rights to be a deeming nation.

I just have one question , why we take pride in such things that do not belongs to us ? We try to be what we are not …

This world was supposed to be a place of virtues , intelligence , love , compassion but we have reverted the situation to dark and ignorant world who is selfish and where people cross the limits to do what they desire for without considering that it is right or wrong.

We are fortunate to have everything and doomed nations to turn it to absolute nothing and emptiness. Emptiness of emotions , feelings , love and belongingness. People cheat each other and make false allegations.

In this era of darkness nobody is no more concerned about what the world should be but more concerned about the pockets of pants and keys of balance.

But truely said , it is never too late believe me you are the magic of this creation and most beautiful being. We can turn hell to heaven which is nowhere above but right here in front of your eyes crying for help and mercy. Lets take few steps and love each other as much as we can and spread message of god.

…..elaborated version of kahlil Gibran , a poet and visual artist (1883-1931)

••Attempt to make a small difference through my blog •••



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