Women…do we actually know about her ? Do we really respect her ?

Or she is just  confined to be a part of our feverish jokes , domestical voilence , humiliation and harrasment !

India got Independence in 1947 and was no more a slave of britishers and women …. they never got freedom. We often claim, ” India is a land of customs, traditions, culture and beauty”. This seems to be a myth because it is not at all in our tradition and customs to disrespect a women.


 The one who bought you into this world , who took care of you day and night without caring about her , who supported you , the one who taught you what love , empathy , compassion , world and life all about. Yes ! I am talking about a women who is mother , sister , wife and belongs to the admiring part of this creativity. 

Like nature nourishes and cares for us our entire life , she also nourished us without asking anything in return except that   RESPECT  & all the rights that she deserves to live her own life happily ever after. We as a responsible country instead of admiring her , made the item songs so popular and so called ANTHEM.


We all know about the rape cases increasing gradually , domestical violence and harrasment…as a concerned citizen are we taking right steps? Before making or encouraging any type of activity we should really focus on what impact it will have and if it encourages humanity or not. It may alone not make a big difference but it will make a siginificant difference. 

We tend to abuse her in many ways and expect chaos creators to respect and stop all the non-sense. Is it really going to work ? Just refer to all the facts and we will find problem is somewhere here only …may be we are contributing to it in an indirect way. The problem is not alone with the mentality of chaos creators but many factors contribute for arising a situation which can be the major issue of debate for goverment and people but the steps initiated are only 1% of what we talk and no one is interested also.


The way we treat women in our places , the queen treatment that we give to her all says about how much we respect her. There are some good souls who treats her like the queen of their kingdom but the thing is the number when compared to chaos creators , it is very low. 


Women is the candle that burns itself to give light to others…

She is screaming in the  silence , 

She is weeping   in the happening of frustating  violence;

Making her way to the highest peak shinning among all the stars ,

Sitting on dark midnight sight treating her scars;

Her simplicity adds to the beauty of creation,

Her upward curving lips tend to hide her agitation;

She is the strongest among all the hardest rocks,

Lioness will roar loud to the sky overcoming all the blocks.


People who are listening with open hearts and respects the women. Just support , respect and care for her. Remember ! She never signed petition for getting paid for working all 365 days. I want to conclude my message by saying ,


Women are the backbone of this society ; without them no country or society can ever grow to the new heights of a well-respected nation among diverse nations.

I hope you will agree to the matter and share the message !


Author : Bhumika

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