Mèteoric endówment

This might sound a little mysterious yet interesting…! 

We were given alluring present of  life. Took a birth in the arm of earth witnessed by the shinning moonlight ; appreciated by the brighter stars in the sky and nurtured by the nature. We spend the precious moments on materialistic temporary things and end-up regretting. 


This life is a meteoric endowment similar to the brownish sand slippering through upside down sand-clock. Life is too short for sorrowing and conflicting with your lived ones. It is well said that you only live once and then the white cloth covers your corpse and the body gets vanished into this mysterious universe conversing through its unlimited vibes of love and peace. Somtimes people tend to hold grudges as the sharp needle stucks into the smooth layer of skin and it hurts. Yes , it does but life is about forgiving and moving on with the flow and making peace with those whom we once hated. 


Humanity is vulnerable due to some sins but it is shinning like the bright sunrays of sun because of few humanitarians. We have only tried to hurt , oppose and hate but never tried to love , care and have compassion. Being emphathetic will take this world and people to the new heights where God smiles and praises the efforts. 


We sometimes fight , in other cases hide…but let me tell you time waits for no one it is the eternal truth running this mystery still unrevealed. Show your tremendous love and care that you have in the softest bottom of heart ….do not conceal …let it flow in a profound manner. Like every story has an end , lifestory also has an end make sure that you made it beautiful ; embrace the imperfections of people ; love the rudeness turn it all into a wave of happiness that will create floods in entire world.


 Let the universe hear the sound of humanity , love and compassion coming from the purest hearts of the sweetest people in this creation. I would like to conclude by saying,


Love is a magic…let it happen your entire life and create it to be happy and be blissful.


Author: Bhumika

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